Lord Mahavir's preaching were orally complied into many text (scriptures) by his disciples. These scriptures are known as Jain Aagam. The Aagam teach great reverence for all form of life, strict code of vegetarianism, asceticism and non violence.

Jain History indicates that during the course of time swetambar sect held conferences for the preservation of Jain cannonical text and as a result of this we have many text in preservation. Jain Vishva Bharati has working since last 40 yeras in field of Aagam editing under the pious guidance of Acharya's.

There are five dividation of Jain Aagam:
  •  Anga Sutra
  •  Ananga Sutra
  •  Mula Sutra
  •  Chedda Sutra
  •  Avsyaka

Aagam Availability with JVB
(As of 01st April 2020):

PDF - 42kb

Many ancient and rate Jain manuscripts (hand written text) are available in Jain Vishva Bharati. JVB conserves and protect these scripts with the help of expert team visits from time to time. These scripts are preserved in special wooden boxes and JVB currently has 3,122 manuscripts kept in 364 special boxes. These scripts are drafted by Acharya's of sect and it does content treasure and secrets of knowledge and happenings and casting. Manuscripts are written in 18th century on palm leaf and is very important treasure for all of us. Scripts topic opens horizon of research on the subject.

There are total 49 Aagam has published till now. It is a great treasure of Jain Vishva Bharati.